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At the Fork

At the Fork (2016)

A Film About Husbandry and Wife

You are streaming your movie At the Fork released in 2016 , directed by John Papola ,it's runtime duration is 94 minutes , it's quality is HD and you are watching this movies on FMOVIE.CC, Filmmaker and omnivore John Papola, together with his vegetarian wife Lisa, offer up a timely and refreshingly unbiased look at how farm animals are raised for our consumption. With unprecedented access to large-scale conventional farms, Papola asks the tough questions behind every hamburger, glass of milk and baby-back rib. What he discovers are not heartless industrialists, but America's farmers - real people who, along with him, are grappling with the moral dimensions of farming animals for food.

Genre: Documentary,
Director: John Papola
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  Release Date: 2016-01-01
 Country: United States of America
Quality: HD
Runtime: 94 min

Original titleAt the Fork